About Us

As the world today is swiftly progressing in every phase / walk of life through technology, every other day a new set of challenges are being encountered. To analyse and resolve solutions for these challenges a huge level of mind power has been involved and is being utilized in and for all forms of business.


One such major solution that this intellectual team of mind set has conceptualized is to increase the speed of communication by sharing information in specified formats - and is termed as Internet Communication (e-Commerce).


The process of approaching and establishing an ease, to retain at every single path, the E-Commerce is channelized and the so called Online – Communication / Trading / Storing etc., have come into formation using various tools.


Adapting this beautiful phenomenon to the complete flexibility a very well defined pattern of Businesses were planned and initiated by e-Wing Technologies.,

One such very thought of enriching an individual’s daily activity to great convenience / liberty, at this day of scheduled & preoccupied life, KURNOOLBAZAR.COM has been modelled and structured.


Kurnoolbazar.com is one of the first largest web based retail e-commerce portal and the leading "ONLINE MART" in Kurnool.


Stretching out to the reach of each individual’s / business need KURNOOLBAZAR.com established its territory occupying the entire choice starting with every necessity to daily needs of commodities including grocery, Lifestyle, on online.


Our Aim:

Our aim is to bring technology, endorse organized retailing and implement customer’s ersonalized online shopping experience without any inconvenience. Our focus is to help our customers save their valuable time and provide them a good quality of products/services at their door steps. KurnoolBazar intends to provide its consumers a convenient, social, enjoyable and rewarding experience of shopping.


We hope that your experience with KurnoolBazar will be enriching and rewarding.

In case you have any queries or suggestions,

Please feel free to contact us as at: admin@kurnoolbazar.com